Gau Mata Statue

Material : Ceramic 

According to the Indian mythology, Kamdhenu or the cosmic cow originated at the time of Samudra Manthan or during the churning of cosmic ocean and fulfilled every wish of those who were fortunate to keep it (wars were fought to have the ownership of the miraculous cow).

Kamdhenu: The wish granting cow

Keeping the Kamdhenu statue, known by monikers such as Surabhi, Kamadugha, Kamaduh and Savala, will also be instrumental in getting rid of ill health, mental stress, and financial problems as the cosmic cow signifies nourishment, peace, and prosperity. According to the Puranas, the Kamdhenu “is a goddess with marvellous powers and attainments”, and “all the cattle in the world today are descended from the Kamdhenu”.


Tulsi Vrindavan

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