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       What is Kokedama?

  • Kokedama originates from the Japanese culture & is a combination of Nerai Bonsai & Kusamonostyles that involves creating small, ball-shaped plant arrangements.
  • A plant’s root system is wrapped in a ball of soil, which is then covered in moss and secured with string or twine.
  • Kokedama is often used for bonsai trees, ferns, and other small houseplants. It’s a beautiful and artistic way to bring greenery into your home
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Who can Learn?

  • Kokedama is beautiful, stress relieving art form that can be relatively straightforward to learn and master.
  • Anyone and everyone can participate in the learning process as it’s technical and has nothing to do with one’s artistic side.
  • While the technique may be quite simple to understand, getting the right balance of moisture and care can take some practice, albeit with the right guidance and tools

Kokedama Workshop

Kokedama Mama

 I, Rupa Shah, formerly a homemaker & mother, have a deep passion for plants & the environment. I initially believed traditional pots were the only option for houseplants.

However, during a trip to Japan in the charming town of Otaru, I encountered an elderly lady conducting a Kokedama workshop & decided to sit in.

This experience was a turning point, & after months of dedicated practice, I mastered the art of Kokedama. Recognizing the need to share this technique with others, I established my business in 2018.

My transition from traditional potting to kokedama plants garnered attention from fellow plant enthusiasts who wanted to adopt this method. 

As the interest grew, people started approaching me to learn the technique and I began conducting workshops in the comfort of my home.

Work-Shop Details

Due to covid-19 pandemic, I expanded to online sessions, The word spread and my reach was now hitting offices, schools, kitty parties, and larger workshops, starting in 2019. Today I conduct all kinds of workshops for all age groups!

What i teach in my 2 day workshop : 

  • Materials to be used 
  • The right way to uproot a plant 
  • Moulding, Wrapping, Threading of Kokedama 
  • Tools to be used 
  • 1 Kokedama plant and 1 Pot

Duration: 2hours , 2pm to 4pm on Wednesday and Thursday

Contact Details:- +91 8355801699     

Offline Rs.4000/Online Rs.3500(Including all the materials)(Plant you have to buy)

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